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My Working From Home Routine

I feel like the vast majority of the British population are working from home, so to give you some insight into what I do when I'm working remotely and how I keep myself busy and motivated throughout the day, I thought I'd write up this little blog post for you. Don't get me wrong, it's not an overly exciting day, but I find it interesting to see what other people get up to and how they structure their day when working from home, so I jumped on that bandwagon as well :) I hope you enjoy! The most important meal of the day I never used to eat breakfast, and when I did, it was a very rushed banana on the way into the office or a rushed yoghurt at my desk while checking my emails. I found that working from home granted me that extra time to actually sit down, enjoy a coffee and a bowl of cereal or a crumpet (although recently, I've been enjoying a toasted hot cross bun) and then get into the swing of things in terms of getting some work done, and all before 9am! Make a

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