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The Habits Highly-Organised People Have

I don't know about you, but I would definitely consider myself to be an organised person. Whether we're going to a party or on holiday, I will always make an effort to be as ready and as organised as possible, even if I have to do something as simple as going into the office. So what habits do I think I have that makes me this organised? Let me tell you! I like to keep things simple I try not and overthink situations I'm going into. I think about the basics of what I need and then work everything else in and around that. Keeping things simple, for me, involves creating a check list of things I either need to do or bring with me and I go down that list in order of priority. I'll also try and get the list drawn up and buy everything I need weeks in advance. Although this might not be considered simple to some people, being this organised makes things super simple by the time I come to actually going somewhere or doing something. I like to develop a routine I've had le

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