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6 Hacks for an Easier Early Morning

Early mornings are rubbish, I am not at all a morning person and so I find it so difficult to get out of bed and be productive in the morning. However, it's just something which has to be done and there's no escaping it! So, here are a few things I do to try and make early mornings a little easier to deal with :)
1. Don't hit 'snooze'! We're all guilty of doing this at one point or another, but it's definitely more productive to just get up when the alarm goes off instead of spending that extra five minutes in bed. In fact, a small amount of additional time in bed really doesn't benefit you in any way - so basically, you're subconsciously inconveniencing yourself for absolutely no reason whatsoever. When the alarm goes off, get up and get moving - you'l thank me later!
2. Drink water, get some protein & avoid sugar Drinking water and getting some protein down you will all help to make you feel more awake. Eating a high-protein breakfast wit…

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