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Blogmas (Day 12) | A Cranberry Christmas Cocktail

If you know me well, you'll understand that I have an everlasting love for red wine and cocktails. I was going to write a post outlining my recipe for homemade mulled wine. Let me know if you'd sill like to see that, but then I thought, everyone drinks mulled wine and it really isn't very hard to make, especially now you can just buy a bottle of it already made up. So instead, I thought I'd go for a cold, cocktail alternative. I think it's just as tasty as a hot glass of mulled wine and it's so easy and simple to make. Not to mention cheap in comparison to other cocktails you come across. If you give this a go, let me know :) Ingredients *Gordon's Gin *Cointreau *Cranberry Juice *Orange Juice *Lemonade *Oranges or Satsumas *Ice Would Be Helpful, But Not Essential *Big/Fancy Glasses *Straws (preferably reusable or paper) *Cocktail Shaker Method 1) Add the Gordon's Gin and Cointreau to the shaker. 2) Throw in a handful of ice, the cranberry juice and a t…

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